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Congratulations Kay Kay’s Fashion - Accepted an Offer From Green CPA, PLLC - Omega Equity Exchange Program

Congratulations Kay Kay’s Fashion!

Congratulations Kay Kay’s Fashion on accepting an offer from Green CPA, PLLC from the Omega Equity Exchange!

Kay Kay’s Fashion

Revolutionizing the fashion scene by promoting diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment

Most fashion brands that promote the Los Angeles fashion influencer vibe do not include women of color in their marketing strategies. Kay Kay’s Fashion (a Black-owned and woman-owned fashion brand) embodies the Los Angeles it-girl (who loves her iced lattes) vibe and celebrates women of all colors.

Kay Kay’s Fashion provides a fresh, inclusive approach to fashion promoting diversity and empowerment. Kay Kay’s Fashion is a complete brand that offers everyday clothes for women of all colors such as:  
  • Swimwear
  • Workout clothes
  • Evening outfits

Kay Kay’s Fashion is a Black-owned, woman-owned fashion brand that reflects the style of our founder Kay Kay. If you put LF Stores and Joah Brown in a blender you get Kay Kay's Fashion!  

Click here to learn more about Kay Kay’s Fashion!

Green CPA, PLLC - Fractional CFO and CPA Services

Green CPA, PLLC - Fractional CFO and CPA Services   Green CPA has over 30 years experience in all aspects of your financial needs.  From accounting-based work in financial reporting, payroll, accounts payable, etc. to compliance services such as tax returns, payroll taxes and sales taxes.  Green CPA also provides CFO Advisory Services and will become your non-equity partner to grow your business.  Todd Green, CPA also offers wealth management services through Avantax Advisory Services, Inc. to ensure you and your employees are looking towards future goals. Services include anything from the following list. 

Company Formation 
-Apply for Federal EIN and if needed state Business Permit 
-Entity Selection Facilitation 
-IRS Forms 8332 and Form 2553 if necessary 

Financial Reporting 
-Building Financial Reporting on Xero 
-Facilitate access to banking for reconciliations 

-Facilitate discussion about employee vs independent contractor 
-When Payroll Services needed, apply for state withholding permit and unemployment permit Wealth 
-Design retirement plan for owner(s) and employee to facilitate retention 
-Meeting with owner to develop Personal Financial Statement and determine financial goals 

Board of Directors 
-Serve on the BoD 
-Serve as Financial Consultant and operational Consultant 

Accounting and Tax
-Tax planning  
-Tax prep Quarterly 
-Financial statements  
-Budgeting and forecasts 
-Use of funds 
-Cap table creation and management

Omega Equity Exchange Program

We offer our portfolio companies a way to leverage their equity to access a diverse array of products and services from other businesses within our collective. Exchange products and services for equity in your business. Click here to learn more about the Omega Equity Exchange Program! Message if you are interested in participating in our product or service to our audience through our partner program.

Join the Omega Collective Today

We are looking for active/passive investors interested in pursuing higher returns while managing downside risk,

Need funding? Email us information about your business,

Message if you are interested in promoting your business to our audience and portfolio companies, 30,000+ and growing…

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Photos are original designs and photos from Kay Kay’s Fashion

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