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iYiYi - Digital Name-tag App That Instantly Shares Your Social Media with People in Your Proximity


iYiYi - Digital Name-tag App That Instantly Shares Your Social Media with People in Your Proximity 

iYiYi is a digital name-tag app that tracks within 150ft and shows your social media. When you walk into a nightclub you can get everyone’s socials. Or you walk into a business meeting you could get everyone’s socials. It’s for close proximity so there are no random users showing up. It makes it easy for models and creators to grow from in-person interactions. It helps to meet people in the same room as you

The Problem

Expanding one's follower base across various social media platforms presents a challenge for everyone. Traditionally, verbally sharing your social media handle has been the primary method of connecting with others. For most individuals, the most popular apps present a significant hurdle in expanding their reach to a broader audience due to restrictive algorithms that favor those that already possessing a large following.  

Our Solution

iYiYi serves as a digital name tag, instantly sharing your social media information with people in proximity (within 150 feet) of your current location.    

Once someone nearby shares their location, their profile appears on the app, allowing you to view it and follow their social media accounts if you find them intriguing    
-Aims to foster social media growth for creators
-Stimulates local business expansion and customer acquisition
-Facilitates social connections, and potentially lead to meaningful relationships
-The app works with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SoundCloud, Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, and others.

Currently, the app is unavailable for download because it is being updated.

Market Potential and Marketing Plan

Target audience 
-Content creators
-Casual social media users
-Business/fun/sporting/music event attendees
-Local businesses   

User demographics and interests
-Anyone who uses any of the social media platforms
-The app is made for people looking to grow their social media, whether a business, content creator or just causal user.  

What sets our app apart from existing platforms?   
First platform to meet nearby users. 

Team - Advisors and Founders

  • Colin Phillips - Founder
  • Ren Carlton - Advisor

Other Notes

Seeking funding to further improve the app and execute effective promotional strategies. The additional funding will also support user acquisition through influencer shoutouts, advertisements, podcast mentions, and ongoing design advancements.     

As the app evolves, businesses will have the opportunity to send special offers to users when they are on their premises, leveraging the app's capabilities.  


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