Thursday, December 15, 2022

Do Core Values Attract or Scare Angel Investors?

A few years ago I learned about this Michigan-based angel investor group. Supposedly they were active seed investors so I decided to send them one of our investment opportunities. When going through our 1-Page Executive Summary, one of the investors scolded “why do you have a core values section on here? No one from the group invested in this project. Coincidence?

What Are Core Values?

Core values are an individual or organization's fundamental beliefs and highest priorities that drive their behavior. You can think of core values as an internal compass of principles that drive a person's or organization's decisions.

I have found that aligning your core values with everyone that touches your business in the beginning is very important. You set the tone for the future by building a team around a shared belief system. After that, like attracts like.

I once that you shouldn’t need to publish your core values, people should just know them by your actions. I think that’s true down the road, but in the beginning, I think you need to elaborate about establishing the core values that are important to you that way, you attract the right founders, investors, employees, contractors, customers, vendors, etc.

Here’s a link to our survey on LinkedIn about core values,

My Core Values

Here is an example of some of the core values I believe are important. It is a work in progress.

  • Abundance versus scarcity mindset, there is more than enough for everyone 
  • Accountability take responsibility for our actions 
  • Action not just words 
  • Attitude of gratitude, thank and praise God for our blessings 
  • Be humble in our victories and gracious in our defeats 
  • Bless don’t curse
  • Bravery fortune favors the bold 
  • Collaborate instead of compete when reasonably possible
  • Create and build try not to destroy 
  • Discipline do your work and handle your responsibilities 
  • Excellence try a little harder and do a little better
  • Help and forgive others 
  • Honesty tell the truth 
  • Integrity do what you say 
  • Perseverance do not quit just because somethings may appear difficult
  • Positivity be happy

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