Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Make Angel Investments That Go 10x, Unleashing Monster Returns for a Family Juice Business

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I look for angel investments that have the potential to produce a 10x return on my investment in 5 years. Startup investing is one of the more risky investment categories. Therefore, you should expect these businesses to have the possibility of doing well. If you invest in 10 businesses, and nine of them fail, the remaining business needs to give you a 10x return just to break even. Ideally, you will do better than that and enjoy healthy returns.  

Hansen’s Fruit and Vegetable Juices started as a family business in 1935. Decades later, the company was acquired for $14.5 million in 1992. In 1997, it was already listed on the public stock exchange as a NASDAQ small cap. This is when they first entered the energy drink market. In 2002, they made a slight modification that changed the energy market. They started selling energy drinks in a large can. 

This energy drink, “Monster” launched in April 2002. In 2003, their sales passed the $100 million dollar mark. Sales were $98 million in 2002, in 2018, they had $3.8 billion in sales. $3.5 billion of its $3.8 billion in sales were from the Monster line of drinks.

If you invested $10,000 in Hansen, now renamed Monster Beverage Corp, in 2002, your investment would have been worth over $800,000 by 2007. That is over an 80x return on investment in five years for a publicly traded company. Imagine what returns can be achieved from startup investing.

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