Monday, June 25, 2018

Lonerider Distillery, Spirits for Outlaws

Lonerider Distillery - Food and Beverages, - Raleigh, NC, USA - Lonerider Brewery has built a distribution system by forging relationships over eight years.  Lonerider Distillery will utilize this system and create high quality spirits to sell within this distribution footprint. The Lonerider brand of beer stands for quality and using the branding for the liquor will help with brand awareness and grow the brand faster nationwide and also internationally.

Small distillers need to age whiskey that has to sit in barrels for two to three years before they can sell that whiskey as super-premium spirits. This limits their growth and speed they can get their liquor to market. Also, small distillers do not have large distribution channels to distribute their product once these spirits are ready to be sold. This leads to high prices for quality whiskey with a limited product line.

The team includes:
Chris Mielke (President): 20 years in large scale operations management. Researched practices at over 50 US distilleries.
Sumit Vohra (Chairman): Founder of the Lonerider Brewery, entrepreneurial advisor and investor.

Read what people are saying...

"I like their model, I like their leadership. They are already operating and have a distribution plan which includes 10 states and 2 countries (UK & Netherlands) Steady growing social media."

"Lonerider Brewery is making new waves in a continuously growing market which has a rate of 141% on the Super Premium end of whiskey, and an impressive 25% on the more average end. Although Lonerider is breaking in to the whiskey business, their more predominant market of craft beer is expecting an 8% growth in the coming years. The team seeks to bring their expertise and passion into the world of spirits with signature recipes and take on market head on."

"I like the fact Lonerider has used its unique branding to tap into the growing market of high quality craft whiskey and bourbon. This market is trending towards that of the craft beer boom which has enjoyed a well-known expansion and popularity throughout not just the United States but also the world."

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Monday, June 18, 2018

LeaderLync, Enabling Student Success by Developing Their Interpersonal and Leadership Skills

LeaderLync - Social Education, EdTech, - Gainesville, FL, USA

LeaderLync is a mobile platform that enables student success in the innovation economy by guiding them to develop their interpersonal and leadership skills.

Even with a $100B market for HR assessment tools and lots of competition using AI and predictive analysis, employees are not happy, women are not mentored, student debt keeps growing, and graduates do not have skills companies need. LeaderLync redefines leadership and human capital by helping connect students to diverse career pathways. Our research-based leadership index is like a financial confidence index for leadership and helps students to identify, develop, and connect their interpersonal and leadership skills with diverse career pathways.

Leaderlync is a skills-logging and tracking mobile application. Skills seekers are encouraged by an AI assistant to identify, develop, and improve their leadership and interpersonal skills.

The Team Includes:
Anita Anantharam, CEO
Yolie Olavarria, Partnerships, Relationships, Mindfulness
Duncan Kabinu, Architect, Engineer
Laura Guyer, Health Disparities Learning Officer

Read what people are saying about LeaderLync

"I like that the business is focused on the needs of the current student. Skill sets are often overlooked in the academic environment. If you have the right skill sets, good-for-you, if not, you're on your own; this is the way most institutions function. LeaderLync has addressed this problem by offering a simple solution to help students overcome such hurdles."

"I also believe this app’s ability to streamline the process of connecting qualified workers and employers will carve a deep niche within the workforce for generations to come."

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