Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Omega Destiny - Balkan Region, Omega's First International Business Accelerator

We are looking for the hottest business startups in Balkan Region and the surrounding area to join Omega Destiny Accelerator! Omega helps founders grow faster by investing time, money, and technology.

About Balkan Region

Located on what was once a war-torn peninsula, the Balkans stand out today as some of the world's most diverse, complex and cosmopolitan countries. Countries in this region include Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Republic of Albania, Republic of Kosovo, Slovenia, Republic of North Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania.

Western Balkans is a term used in the European Union to refer to six countries in Southern and Eastern Europe that are covered by EU enlargement policy: Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Republic of Kosovo, Republic of North Macedonia, and Republic of Serbia.

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For more information on the region visit https://webdosya.kosgeb.gov.tr/Content/Upload/Dosya/AB/KOB%C4%B0_Politika_Endeksi_2022_(SME_Policy_Index_2022).pdf 

Photo by Faruk Kaymak on Unsplash