Monday, September 11, 2023

Omega Legacy Accelerator Launches the Miami Venture Capital Fund, Compete for Offers and Market to Over 30,000 Entrepreneurs, Investors, Lenders, Executives, and Physicians

Miami Venture Capital Fund is now accepting applications for the Omega Legacy Accelerator!

Omega Legacy Accelerator

Omega Legacy Accelerator helps founders grow their businesses and attract funding. We market them to our growing network of over 30,000 entrepreneurs, investors, lenders, executives, and physicians. They also receive coaching while competing for offers during the Omega Legacy pitch competitions. -Founders pitch their ideas -Our audience and network choose their favorites -Our winner receives offers Omega Legacy Accelerator is more than just pitch competitions. We are building a community designed for investors to make a real, tangible impact with some of the most innovative and driven entrepreneurs in the world. They have already proven themselves by passing our initial screening, and are ready to take their businesses to the next level.

Why Omega Legacy Accelerator?

Market your business to our growing network of over 30,000 entrepreneurs, investors, lenders, executives, and physicians.

Compete for offers in the Omega Legacy Pitch Competition.

Learn how to maximize your valuation and effectively pitch to potential funding sources.

How it Works 

Step 1 - Pitch us your idea via email or in-person.

Step 2 - If we like it, you will be invited to join Omega Legacy Accelerator

Step 3 - Create your pitch video.

Step 4 - Compete for offers. Your opportunity will remain available to our growing network of over 30,000 entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and physicians while you are active in Omega Legacy Accelerator.

Applying is Easy

Applying to Omega Legacy Accelerator is easy. Email your business idea and elevator pitch to Make sure the subject of your email is COMPANY NAME - Omega Legacy Accelerator. 

Additional Information

Are you looking for funding for an idea or business, send us your stuff and we will take a look,

Are you interested in investing time or money into any of our businesses,

Are you interested in promoting your business and supporting our founders, contact

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