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Recognizing Our Omega Top Businesses to Watch - Congratulations Firesky, Tremorguard, and iYiYi - TopBusinesses2Watch

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TremorGuard - Discreet and non-invasive system to help you move the way you move to move 

A discreet, non-invasive system to help users offset the adverse effects of disorders, disease, and aging on movement  

iYiYi - Digital Name-tag App That Instantly Shares Your Social Media with People in Your Proximity 

Digital Name-tag App That Instantly Shares Your Social Media with People in Your Proximity,

Omega Top Businesses to Watch Program

The Omega Top Businesses to Watch program aims to celebrate and spotlight exceptional businesses within our portfolio who embody the spirit of excellence and ethical entrepreneurship.  

We believe in nurturing and promoting businesses that not only demonstrate outstanding growth potential but also exhibit a commitment to transparency, positivity, and engagement within the Omega Collective. The Top Businesses to Watch program is designed to acknowledge these founders and provide them with the recognition and additional support they deserve.   

Top Businesses to Watch Selection Criteria Include

  • Excellence: Demonstrate that you have the skills, roadmap, and work ethic to succeed.
  • Milestone Achievement: Show progress by reaching meaningful growth milestones.
  • Commitment to Improvement: Adaptability and continuous improvement through updates, iterations, pivots, and market testing.
  • Ethical Business Practices: Adherence to ethical standards, transparency in operations, and a commitment to social responsibility and sustainability.  
  • Compliance with Requests: Businesses that promptly provide requested information, documents, and updates to our team.
  • Positive Attitude: Businesses that maintain a cooperative and optimistic attitude in their interactions with our staff and collective.
  • Collective Engagement: Actively participating and supporting our other founders and businesses in our community.
  • Collaboration and Partnership: Engagement in partnerships or collaborations that enhance their business and our collective.

Top Businesses to Watch Benefits May Include

  • Prominent Recognition: Featured on webpages and social media, showcasing their achievements and innovations.  
  • Exclusive Promotion: Honorees receive extra promotion through our communication with current and potential investors.
  • Access to Resources: Priority access to funding opportunities and capital allocations when they are available.
  • Public Relations Support: Press releases and media interviews when requested
  • And more!  

How to Participate - Top Businesses to Watch

Once you're a part of the Omega Collective, all you need to do is continue striving for excellence and aim to be recognized as one of our Top Businesses to Watch. Our team actively monitors and evaluates businesses based on the criteria mentioned above, with regular updates and announcements throughout the year.  

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as we continue to empower and elevate businesses towards success. 

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