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Firesky - RPG Mobile Game Opportunity - Try Firesky Today! Where epic fantasy meets elemental mastery in an exhilarating action RPG adventure!


Firesky - RPG Mobile Game Opportunity - Try Firesky Today!

Where epic fantasy meets elemental mastery in an exhilarating action RPG adventure!

Firesky is a free-to-play game that is monetized through in-game cosmetics, battle passes, and a gotch system available on mobile and PC. 

Firesky is an action RPG game that resembles Game of Thrones meets the Avatar The Airbender. The games fast paced battles resemble Welcome to Firesky, where epic fantasy meets elemental mastery in an exhilarating action RPG adventure! Imagine Game of Thrones colliding with Avatar: The Last Airbender, offering a rich tapestry of storytelling and thrilling battles. 

What sets us apart is our game is premium game with console quality graphics that also works on mobile. We are setting a new bar for fidelity and experience. 

-Players can play four game modes: Arena, Story, Tournament, and Hero Quests.  
-Each mode offers unique prizes, leaderboards, and ways to elevate the player’s overall experience in the game. 
-Players unlock additional quests and heroes in story mode to use in the competitive multiplayer arena.
-Players unlock and craft cards, heroes, and gems that each come with their unique abilities, making for diverse and addicting combat.
-Players earn rewards, skins, hero quests, and card packs through gameplay or purchased in the game store.
-The game has a rich and epic story divided into nine seasons, introducing new characters and villains with each season.

Market Potential

-RPG was the top-grossing game genre in 2022 
-Mobile was responsible for 51% of total game revenues, more than PC and console combined 
-Mobile game consumer spending reached $89.6 billion in 2021, a 12.7% increase on the previous year. 

Cross-Platform and Mobile Gaming combined. There's a notable trend towards mobile games being ported to consoles and PCS, suggesting that the lines between different gaming platforms are blurring. Firesky has this implemented and is both on mobile and cross platform. 

Target Market
-Male and female gamers ages 9+ to 35 who are action fantasy RPG
-Mobile gamers who enjoy story-driven fantasy and action games 
-Competitive players who enjoy developing strategies and rising through the ranks 
-Casual gamers looking for quick, intense gameplay experiences


Our team is made up of experienced game developers and marketers with a deep passion for gaming, movies, and entertainment. Our previous experience includes work on Destiny, Call Of Duty, Star Wars, God of War, Assassins Creed and many notable triple A titles in a span of 20+ years in the industry. 

Founders: Artur Babayan, Edgar Babayan 
Advisors: Simona Dimov, Chong Ahn, Ren Carlton 

Art Babayan, Founder (Call of Duty, Destiny, Star Wars)  
Ed Babayan, CFO (Blissy, Stealth Angel)   
Simona Dimov, Head of biz dev (experience in gaming, music, film and tv) 

Chong Ahn, Skopley executive producer gaming
Al Cuenca, Alcon entertainment and Roblox executive producer film 
Young Lee, Google head of monetization at Google play
Ren Carlton, Advisor, entrepreneur, and investor

Try Firesky Today!

What’s Next?

Art has experience launching multiple triple-A titles that have generated billions in revenue, such as Call of Duty, Batman, Star Wars, God of War, Destiny, and the UFC. Firesky is designed as an evergreen property that will generate not just multiple games but TV series, movies, and books. We are looking for a partner who can help bring this vision to life. Contact us today for more information, 

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