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Kay Kay’s Fashion: Revolutionizing the fashion scene by promoting diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment


Kay Kay’s Fashion

Revolutionizing the fashion scene by promoting diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment

Most fashion brands that promote the Los Angeles fashion influencer vibe do not include women of color in their marketing strategies. Kay Kay’s Fashion (a Black-owned and woman-owned fashion brand) embodies the Los Angeles it-girl (who loves her iced lattes) vibe and celebrates women of all colors.  

The Problem

Fashion industry norms perpetuate exclusion rather than embracing diversity and empowerment. Existing brands don’t cater to women of color who identify with the fashion sense. Existing brands lack authentic diversity, limiting market reach and revenue potential      

Our Solution

Kay Kay’s Fashion provides a fresh, inclusive approach to fashion promoting diversity and empowerment. Kay Kay’s Fashion is a complete brand that offers everyday clothes for women of all colors such as:  
  • Swimwear
  • Workout clothes
  • Evening outfits

Kay Kay’s Fashion is a Black-owned, woman-owned fashion brand that reflects the style of our founder Kay Kay. If you put LF Stores and Joah Brown in a blender you get Kay Kay's Fashion!  

Market Potential

Kay Kay's Fashion appeals to millennials and Gen Z. A persona of one of our target customers would be a 25-year-old famous influencer who lives in Los Angeles and drinks iced coffee every morning and does hot Pilates every week (think Teala Dunn).  

Kay Kay's Fashion has a very well-defined target customer and many millennials love Los Angeles fashion stores like Joah Brown. However, many of these stores don’t cater to the Teala Dunn's and Kay Kay's of the USA. In other words, they do not cater to the women of color who identify with the fashion sense and the vibe of Joah Brown but are not reflected in the company's advertising and marketing efforts.  At Kay Kay's Fashion, we showcase diversity and let our audience know that women of color who love their iced coffee, hot Pilates, and blowouts from Drybar truly exist.  

Another persona of one of our target customers would be a 31-year-old who lives in the suburbs of Detroit and loves iced coffee from MadCap in Detroit, brunch, hot Pilates, and follows Los Angeles influencers like Teala Dunn. The founder Kelechi Uchendu (Kay Kay) meets this persona.  

Black millennials have huge buying power so brands should represent and cater to the many diverse lifestyles among Black millennials and Gen Z.  Also a study states that "Embracing diversity is fast becoming a non-negotiable in the fashion industry. Mintel’s research in 2022 revealed that 41% of Gen Zers favor brands that represent their identity. This underlines the pull for brands, particularly those advertising to a younger demographic, to better represent their customers. Historically, fashion brands have been comfortable displaying their creations on predominantly young, white models who conformed to strict body measurements. However, in response to feedback and evolving societal norms, numerous brands now recognize that a sweeping transformation is needed " 


  • Kelechi Uchend (Kay Kay), founder
  • Ren Carlton, advisor, entrepreneur, and investor

What’s Next?

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