Friday, August 31, 2018

Learn to Code and Use Your Voice With Codeword by Foxhound.

Foxhound - Ed-Tech, Software, Application - Foxhound LLC is a software company that hopes to empower its users. Currently, Foxhound is focused on helping others learn to code with the power of their voice. Codeword by Foxhound is an application that helps teach people how to code through interactive lessons and coding quizzes.

There are dozens of ways to learn to code. In fact, EdTech spend is poised to reach $252 billion by 2020. So, there’s a lot of options out there. What makes Codeword interesting? Think of an application like Duolingo, an application that helps people learn to speak another language. Codeword is like Duolingo for learning a computer language.

Codeword uses high-tech teaching techniques that have yet to be explored such as using your voice to code to help learners embrace computer programming.

Codeword is an educational tool that will use the latest in voice recognition technology to help expand how we learn to code. Additionally, Codeword will focus on bringing this type of interactive learning to veterans as well as people living with disabilities.

Codeword will utilize a SaaS (software-as-a-service) pricing model. Monthly subscriptions will be offered in tiers. More functionality will be coming as Foxhound develops the MVP.  

The team includes:

Jacqueline Carter - Founder and Principal Software Engineer
  • B.A. in Computer Science, Cum Laude - Phi Beta Kappa
  • Years of digital marketing experience
  • Experience developing and deploying Android and web apps

Samuel Knox - Co-founder and CEO

Read what people are saying about Codeword:

“Codeword has the potential to provide real social impact and value.”

“We need smaller, more digestible chunks to improve how we learn to code. It’s exciting to see an app like Codeword attempt to do this. I’d download that app.”

“Education tech is valued at over $8 billion and shows no sign of slowing. The team at Foxhound has a real opportunity to tap into a global market.”

Check out Codeword in action below:

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Pitch, Elevating Music Experience to a New Level

Pitch – AI, Voice User Interface, Media, Music, Wellness, – Pitch develops Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing, and Voice User Interface technologies to help music fans sing along with their favorite songs. Pitch figures out how each user learns and harnesses this capability to help the fan memorize the lyrics and follow the melody through fun, one-on-one coaching. Pitch will deploy this platform to other verticals like fitness, public speaking, and more.

For the music industry, Pitch opens a new channel for musicians to interact with their fan base. Pitch plugs into a paradigm shift in the music industry as do-it-yourself producing and music streaming drive up profitability. Goldman Sachs predicted that a double-digit growth tide over the next decade will lift all ships in the space.

The team includes:

Yanay Lehavi – MS in computer science from NYU and 25 years of tech leadership at Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg LP, and PIMCO

Lena Belogolova – BS in neuroscience from MIT, MBA from UCLA, 10 years of consumer behavior experience at Facebook

Vickie Nauman – MBA from London School of Economics, 20 years of experience connecting the music industry with technology companies and startups

David Mann – BS from UCSD in music technology, MS from USC in music composition, 25 years of programming and composition experience

Read what people are saying...

"The team at Pitch is a collection of accomplished go-getters who have proven themselves over the years and are working to bring something new and amazing into a high growth industry, and positively impact hundreds of millions of people all around the world.”

"We have never seen anything like this. My musicians now have a tool to connect with our fan base like never before. My musicians are no longer just an act on the stage, they are now your personal friends and coaches who make your life better, and that’s who they always wanted to be.”

Check out a Pitch demo video below:

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Finding a Lead Investor

What is a Lead Investor

Are you struggling to secure the funding you need to take your business to the next level?  Maybe you should you consider the benefits of finding a lead investor.  A lead investor is the first person to make an outside investment in your company (  They also take the lead by introducing your company to more potential investors.  Ideally, this produces a chain of investors that helps you meet your fundraising goals.

There are several reasons why it may be difficult for a start-up company to find investors.  In the article entitled, “25 Reasons Why I Will Not Invest in your Start-up,” provides greater insight into this critical issue (  Reasons cited include, you have an inexperienced team, you cold-called me, you are way too early for my money, there aren't any other investors.  These objections can be overcome by finding a lead investor. 

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There are many benefits to becoming a lead investor.  Lead investors often enjoy a larger percentage of the profits than later investors.  They also may enjoy a seat on the board and have an active role in management (  These investors may also negotiate special perks, such as exclusive vendor/customer relationships, networking opportunities, employment, etc.

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Here are some quick tips for finding your lead investor
  • Strong MVP
  • Compelling 1-page executive summary
  • Don't worry about the valuation until later
  • Network
  • Pitch friends and family first
  • Put some of your own money in the company
  • Make traction
  • Market like crazy
  • Be persistent, not annoying
  • Enjoy the process