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Spine Retrax- Discover the Power and Effectiveness of Spine Retrax!


Spine Retrax

Discover the Power and Effectiveness of Spine Retrax! 

The Problem

Hunching over your laptop all day or putting a lot of stress on  your neck and back causes pain, nerve damage, and poor posture. 

Our Solution

Spine Retrax strengthens and stretches your neck/back muscles to relieve neck and back pain, correct poor posture, and prevents injuries in sports players. 

In the stand-up position Spine Retrax also utilizes the #1 go to exercise (cervical retraction or “chin tuck”)  in the NHL, NFL, and UFC to prevent neck injury by strengthening the hard-to-reach core muscles in the  neck and back but ads extra resistance and can be done alone, anywhere/anytime.  Our Marketing Team Upper Edge Sports will be using their celebrity pro-athletes to promote Spine Retrax.  

Market Potential and Marketing Plan

  • Online Sales 
  • Retail Store Outreach
  • Targeting retailers  
  • Physical Therapy Model

Team - Advisors and Founders

  • James McNulty
  • Brock Felt 
  • Kevin Harrington
  • Chris Rebsamen
  • Praveen Varshney
  • Ren Carlton


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