Tuesday, April 14, 2020

How I Angel Invest - Ren Carlton Investment Criteria and Current Angel Investments

I literally receive thousands of pitches. Since I do not have unlimited time or capital, I use strategies to make the review process as efficient as possible. This includes investing and supporting companies that meet as much of my selection criteria as possible

Ren Carlton Investment Criteria

- Hot industry
- Scalable
- 10X potential return in 3-5 years
- Low downside risk
- Low regulation
- Avoid companies with legal risks, especially ones with risk of imprisonment
- Likable founders with skin in the game
- Low startup costs
- Not a lot of hard assets
- Access to capital
- Fast path to profitability and positive cash flow
- Ability to leverage technology
- Unfair advantage
- Moat to protect against competition
- Ability to compete with the FAANG companies if necessary, Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Netflix (NFLX); and Alphabet (GOOG) (formerly known as Google)
- Exit plan or path for me eventually to receive my Return on Investment (ROI)

Ren Carlton Current Angel Investments* 

-Asarasi - The future of water, sourced from trees
-Avenify - Marketplace lending platform for Income Share Agreements (ISAs)
-Bounty0x - Discover, track, manage and pay Influencers for sponsored content at scale
-Buff Bake - Adding healthy and nutritious benefits to traditional snacks
-CallingDr - Connecting doctors with patients anytime, anywhere
-Choose Health - Simple, affordable, at-home health testing
-Cloudastructure - Facial Recognition, AI, Machine Learning for Cloud-based Video Surveillance
-Delee - Blood testing device for early diagnosis of cancer and treatment monitoring
-Dented Brick Distillery - High capacity distilled spirits plant
-Dynamic Advisory Solutions - Outsourced CFO services
-Elite Amateur Fight League - The multi-billion dollar MMA industry's National Amateur Platform
-Elemeno Health - Empowering staff at the point of care: Improving safety, and fighting COVID
-Fleeting - Connecting commercial drivers with on-demand trucking jobs
-Genobank.io - incognito & encrypted DNA extraction kit - see their video on Meet the Drapers vimeo.com/404737658/d472095c35 
-HelloWoofy.com - Personal social media manager driven by artificial intelligence
-Hive - Global membership community working together to solve humanity’s greatest challenges
-Horizon Aeronautics Inc - Hover bikes, hover cars and augmented reality navigation systems https://register.omegadestiny.com/legendary-nfl-and-nba-athlete-tj-wrights-hover-bike
-Michigan Physicians Society - Help physicians maximize their earnings potential 
-Nada - Buy and sell your home online, pay nada
-NanoVMs - Upending 50 years of operating system hegemony, building a new OS to run linux apps faster/safer using unikernels.
-Omega Accelerator - Accelerating Financial Freedom Through Angel Investing
-PittMoss - A revolutionary new growing media
-Rencat - Digital sales and marketing agency
-Rocket Dollar - Self-directed retirement accounts for the active alternative asset investor
-SkillSoniq - Connecting companies with freelancers using AI
-Soar Robotics Cloud-connected robotic intelligence platform for drones
-Swipeby - SaaS+ platform turning restaurant into a virtual drive-thru with curbside pickup
-Upshift - Fractional car leasing service for low mileage drivers - republic.co/upshift
-Vessel Biosciences - Portable vein illumination device 
-Vivoo - Personal wellness advice through at-home urine sample analysis
-Zephyr Aerospace - A lie-flat airline seat for Economy Class travelers

Feel free to message me if you would like to learn more about any of the above opportunities.

This is intended to be a live document which will be updated periodically as the above information changes.

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* Note: This list is incomplete, may not reflect recent trading activity, and is subject to change without notice. These angel investments may be owned by Ren Carlton directly or indirectly through trusts, separate legal entities, and/or warrants/options. 

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