Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Stranded in the Desert – The Biggest Challenge to Finding Your First Investor or Lead Investor

Previously, I talked about where to find your lead investor.

What works for me and what doesn't.

Today I’m talking about the biggest challenge you must overcome to find a lead investor
Picture this,
You have been stranded in a dessert for three days with a group of 100 people.
You are out of water and everyone is thirsty.
You finally come across a tent. In the tent there is a guy with water.
Unfortunately, this guy only has one glass of water.
He is willing to give this glass of water to one person.

Here is the challenge...
How are you going to get that glass of water?

This is the challenge you must overcome to find your lead investor.

The odds are tough. Less than 1% of business ever raise any outside capital.

There are specific tactics that I use to level the playing field offset this huge disadvantage. We will discuss some of those tactics in later videos.

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