Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Ren Carlton's Book - Profitpreneurship: Creating a Business that Produces Outstanding Financial Results

Whether a company is driven by sales, operations, or that app/widget that everyone must have, success is still measured by the bottom line: profits. In Profitpreneurship: Creating a Business that Produces Outstanding Financial Results, entrepreneur Ren J. Carlton shares his extensive knowledge about how to create a business and the steps that must be taken to guarantee its success. Topics covered in this book includes understanding the basics of business development and setting goals, budgets and the importance of dashboards, maximizing the potential of employees, smart financing, and accountability, Carlton's concept of Profitpreneurship makes sense...and results in higher profits. Founder of Dynamic Advisory Solutions (DAS), Carlton introduces his DAS Profit Process, developed by the author to guide companies toward financial growth. The result is a straightforward guide that explores every element pertaining to the expansion of a company's profitability.

Table of Contents – Profitpreneurship

Introduction Creating a Profit-Driven Business
Chapter 1 The Case for Profitpreneurship
Chapter 2 Budgeting – Setting Powerful Targets
Chapter 3 Dashboards – The Numbers That Drive Your Business
Chapter 4 Employee Scorecards – Maximizing Employee Performance
Chapter 5 Cooking the Books – Helping Your Business Shine
Chapter 6 Financing – Securing the Cash Your Business Needs
Chapter 7 Financial Management – Building Your Profit Team
Conclusion Time to Execute!

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