Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Ren Carlton

Ren Carlton has spent his career starting, growing, selling, and funding businesses. After graduating from Oakland University, Ren earned his CPA license and served as the CFO of a Tier 1 manufacturing company. His passion for business led him to leave his CFO position to pursue several entrepreneurial opportunities. Ren now actively funds, launches, grows, and sells businesses. One of his key business priorities is to encourage and help entrepreneurs pursue bold, fearless goals. Along the way, Ren hosted an award-winning business radio show and wrote Profitpreneurship: Creating a Business that Produces Outstanding Financial Results, which introduces the DAS Profit Process, a methodology he developed to help guide companies towards financial growth. Ren has served on the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants ethics task force, and as a director of the Detroit chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Organization and the Troy Community Foundation. Ren is a frequent presenter to various business groups throughout the United States.

Career Summary

During his career Ren has started and managed four successful businesses. In 2000 he launched Dynamic Advisory Solutions to address the need that businesses large and small have for expert financial support services on an as-needed basis.  Most of these companies have small and unsophisticated accounting departments, frequently just a single individual, to meet the financial management requirements of a growing company. In 2014 Ren launched Rencat, a marketing firm that provides effective, efficient and simple marketing services to small companies. Ren’s team manages a full spectrum of services, from marketing plan development and asset creation, to plan implementation and performance assessment. The following year, Ren entered the medical industry when he founded the Michigan Physician’s Society. MPS offers physicians advice on how start, grow, and sell their medical practice. MPS also represents physicians that pursue business opportunities outside of practicing medicine. Ren launched his most recent venture, Omega Accelerator, in 2016. Omega Accelerator stimulates economic growth and job creation through angel investing. 

Accolades include:

Ren J Carlton
-Leader and Innovator by Lawrence Technological University – 2014
-Crain’s Detroit Business Magazine “40 Under 40” award – 2012
-DBusiness Magazine “30 in Their Thirties” – 2011
-Corp! Magazine “Best of Michigan Business” (Dynamic Advisory Solutions) – 2009
-Small Business Council of America, “Best of Business” (Dynamic Advisory Solutions) – 2009
-Corp! Magazine “Entrepreneur of Distinction” – 2008
-Small Business Administration (SBA) “Small Business Journalist of the Year”; Business Realty Network – 2007

He has achieved fundraising successes in the following business sectors:
-Education Ed-Tech 
-Engineering and Design
-Finance Fin-Tech
-Real Estate
-Tool and Die

Ren offers funding skills in these areas: senior debt, mezzanine debt, SBA loans, family offices, private equity, venture capital, angel investors, pre-seed, seed capital, bridge, Series A+, exit.  He is familiar with Regulation A (Reg A), Regulation D (Reg D), Private Placement Memorandums (PPM), crowdfunding, initial coin offerings (ICO), Initial Public Offerings (IPO), and privately held securities

Interests Include: 

Interests include healthcare, technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, crypto-assets including crypto-currency and bitcoin, blockchain, esports, mobile technologies, healthtech, internet of things, apps, fitness, media, entertainment, gaming, art, music, podcasts, social media, fashion and design, natural language processing, voice user interface technologies, cyber security, edtech, education, online marketplaces, cannabis, insurance, fintech, financial services, distilleries, and breweries.

Keeping a pulse on industry trends and leaders is a key priority for Ren. He sources valuable information and insights from a wide variety of organizations, including Ernst & Young, Google, Deloitte, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Apple, The Wall Street Journal, University of Michigan, Wayne State, Funds for Projects., Inc., and Angel Investor. For inspiration, Ren tracks the activities and content of prominent thought leaders like Jack Welch, Simon Sinek, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Mark Cuban, and Richard Branson.

Ren is a proud father of two children. His hobbies include golf, tennis, poker, and chess. Ren is also an avid traveler with a long list of trips planned for the future.

Do you need help developing your pitch and fundraising strategy? Click here to schedule your one-on-one planning session with Ren Cartlon.

Learn more about Ren Carlton as his latest venture, Omega Accelerator, through the following links:



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