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YouHold - AI-Based Stock Ranking and Analysis System for Self-Directed Investors


The Challenge 

When people hear about some stocks and decide to buy them, many of them check the stock rating before buying. Some sites provide ranking based on recommendations from investment banks analytics. ( Some are based on fundamental analysis ( Some are based on earnings reports (  

Retail investors now account for 25% of stock trades, but existing services offer limited insights, forcing users to check multiple sources. As a result 94% of retail investors rely on multiple disconnected sources to validate investment ideas. Smaller portfolios mean they can’t access professional personalized advice, despite needing guidance.

Existing solutions are fragmented, time-consuming, and expensive.

YouHold - AI-Based Stock Ranking and Analysis System for Self-Directed Investors.

In the world of retail investing, where 56 million investors struggle with fragmented research, YouHold emerges as the game-changer. Our platform consolidates institutional-grade stock analysis, making sophisticated insights accessible and affordable for self-directed investors. 

With a user-friendly interface, YouHold integrates fundamental analysis, technical analysis, analyst recommendations, and earnings forecasts into a single, actionable YouHold Score.  Retail investors, who now make up 25% of all stock trades, often check multiple sources for reliable information. YouHold solves this problem by providing comprehensive, AI-driven stock insights for just $30/month. We offer an all-in-one solution that simplifies investment decisions, saves time, and reduces costs.  

Our platform synthesizes data into a single rating, helping investors determine the likelihood of a company beating earnings expectations, identify optimal buying times, assess fair stock value, and understand top analysts' recommendations. With machine learning-based predictions and detailed financial analysis, 

YouHold empowers investors with the tools they need to succeed. With a vast market opportunity driven by the rapid growth of retail investing and increasing demand for sophisticated financial tools, YouHold is positioned for significant growth.

Market Potential and Marketing Plan

At least 56 million retail investors, this underserved demand offers a vast market opportunity.   

Team - Advisors and Founders

  • Liubov Angelova - Founder and CEO
  • Andrei Varlamov - Team Lead 
  • Alexander Tsevtkov - AI-developer 
  • Vitalii Sheba - Backend developer 
  • Sergei Victorov - Frontend developer 
  • Elena Koneva - Designer 
  • Ren Carlton - Advisor

What’s Next?

Finish MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Looking for investment to boost product development and distribution, acquire first paying users, enhance website functionality, marketing, product development, engineering, and team  expansion  

Are You Interested?

We are looking for advisors, active/passive investors, and businesses interested in pursuing extraordinarily high returns while supporting business startups,

Need funding? Email us information about your business,

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Sources and AI Assistance

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