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$100 Million Man - Amazon Guru Gav Kwok - $0 to $1 Million+ in 5 Months! Amazon Sales Consulting - Omega Equity Exchange Program



Amazon Sales Consulting - Omega Equity Exchange Program

Launch and run a successful Amazon business! Omega companies can now pitch Gav Kwok for funding and Amazon Sales Consulting services. These services may include any of the following items.

E-commerce Business Growth
1. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) strategy 
2. Building and scaling an Amazon business 
3. E-commerce business growth  

Amazon Optimization 
4. Product sourcing and selection 
5. Amazon product listing optimization 
6. Amazon advertising and PPC management  

FBA and Inventory Management
7. Inventory management and fulfillment 
8. E-commerce business analytics and reporting  
9. And more!

 $100 Million Man Gav Kwok - $0 to $1 Million+ in 5 Months! 

Gav Kwok is an Amazon E-commerce success story, from his website.

One day I happened to stumble across the Amazon platform on YouTube, I paid for a mentor… and with 5K in my bank account.. I quit my 3 jobs, stopped going to class and I built a Amazon business from $0-7 Figures working 16hrs/day in 5 months during my last year of college.  I don't tell this story to brag but to show that I'm not anyone special and that anyone can do this business model no matter what background you come from. I was just a broke college student who had no prospects, living in a shitty $350/month apartment at the time.  After going through all the different online business models, drop-shipping, private label, white label, SMMA, Forex, Crypto, Stock trading etc.. I finally figured out the best way to make money online and that was through Wholesale FBA.  Wholesale FBA is a huge opportunity for those like you and me who had always dreamt of owning their own online business, getting away from the 9-5 life, and having the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with who you want. 

He is now approaching $100 million in revenue!

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