Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Why Don’t More People Make Angel Investments?

Just in case you have not heard the news, almost anyone can be an angel investor. See What Qualifications are Required to be an Angel Investor for further details. We also explored Why Angel Investors Fund Startups in another article.

What inspires people to become angel investors? I will examine some key reasons below.   

They are Looking for an Extraordinary Return on Investment (ROI)

According to Techcrunch.com, Angel Investors can expect to earn a gross multiple of 2.5X their investment in about four years. That is a 250% ROI. Investors that are comfortable with the risks of angel investing may be able to enjoy this type of return.

They Want to Become a Mentor

They relish in the idea of being a mentor to the younger generation of startups. If you have the income and you want to make this type of impact, maybe start making angel investments.

They are Business-Minded Entrepreneurs Who Want to Network

If you’ve made it far enough in your professional career to have the time and money to consider investing, then you are probably already pretty good at networking. angel investors take this to the next level. You can gain unique opportunities to network with people from a totally different perspective. When you are at a networking event, people will find you to pitch ideas.

They Care About Innovation

High-tech angels often care just as much about ROI as they do about introducing high-tech and innovative solutions into the world. These investors might even care more about the mission or impact of a company. If you want to make a difference in the world of medical tech, fintech, or any other industry that has the potential to make a huge impact, then you should consider making angel investments.

They are Looking for Something New

Angel investing is an easy way to give you access to the world of entrepreneurship. This often includes access to new ideas, events, and opportunities. Boredom was one of the reasons I quit my job as a CFO to become a full-time entrepreneur. I have not been bored a day since that decision!

But only 8% of the people that can make angel investments actually do it according to angelcapitalassociation.org. Why?

We have identified several challenges associated with angel investing, including:

-How do I select angel investments to evaluate?
-How can I screen angel investments that interest me?
-How do I monitor my angel investments?
-How can I help my angel investments succeed?
-How do I value an angel investment?
-When will we receive returns on this investment?
-When can I do if the founders you funded wants to quit?
-When can I do if the business fails?

We will address these concerns in future posts. Ultimately you will need to decide whether the benefits of being an angel investor outweigh the risks.

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