Tuesday, November 12, 2019

How do I Find an Investor? - Creating a 45-Second Pitch Video for Angel Investors - Money for a Startup - Ren Carlton

How do I find an investor? As our workplace becomes more offsite, remote, and virtual, sending a pitch video is becoming one of the standards for talking to investors. The challenge is that your video pitch cannot gauge a response or answer questions. How can you make an effective pitch when sending a video recording is your only way in? After listening to thousands of videos, I have accumulated a number of tips for founders interested in pitching their ideas to investors.

How do I find an investor using a video?  First the basics:

-Decent video and sound quality - this does not need to be perfect, but your video should be easy to see and hear
-If you are going to use slides or text, use illustrations or 10-15 words max per slide
-Practice your pitch until you have it nailed
-Be interesting
-Be concise, clear, and conversational

45-Second Pitch Video for Angel Investors 

-Avoid jargon, complexity, jargon, and platitudes
-Meet the submission requirements (e.g. when we ask for a 45 second pitch video, do not send us a 3 minute pitch video.)
-Upload your video to YouTube, without password protection
-Email your pitch with the YouTube link and the actual video file as an attachment
-We encourage you to send us any supporting information you have about your business with your video pitch, e.g. website, social media links, videos, slide deck, business plan, projections, 1-page executive summary.
-Email address:  Funding@OmegaAccelerator.com
-Email subject:  45 Second Pitch Video - Company Name

Your 45 second pitch video should include the following:

-Your name
-Your company name
-What your business does
-The problem you are solving
-Your solution
-Why we should take you and your solution seriously
-How much progress/traction you have made so far
-How much money you need
-Why you need the money
-Show your product or service, when possible

Send us your pitch today for a chance to find up to $5 Million of Funding for your business, Funding@OmegaAccelerator.com

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